Ash and the Arsonists

Ash and the Arsonists

Acoustic Hard Rock Rock


We are Ash and the Arsonists. We are a rockband from Winnipeg Manitoba. Ash and the Arsonists was born out of tragedy. After losing my parents i was driven to write some music and express myself through music in ways that i could never express to another person in words. After assembling a band with some family that was willing to help we started writing and playing music, something we have never done before, Over time things have changed and the band has changed as well. Lucky enough to have some very talented musicians that want to write and play original music, we have managed to maintain a reputation of being a great live act and it has grown from a solo act to a collaboration of friends that want to play and write music. the future is always uncertain and things always feel on the cusp of falling apart but what always feels constant is that somehow we will always persevere and hopefully create something and leave a mark on this crazy world. so please take heed and take notice. we will be playing a show near you and hopefully you come see us too. .) cheers


Bleed by Ash and the Arsonists

Burn by Ash and the Arsonists

Contender by Ash and the Arsonists

i dont care by Ash and the Arsonists

i dont care (acoustic live) by Ash and the Arsonists

Those Days (acoustic live) by Ash and the Arsonists


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November Underground
Ash and the Arsonists
The Stowaways
Bulldog Pizza
1364 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB

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New Music Night
New Music Night
Lake Disappointment
Ash and the Arsonists
The Good Will Social Club
625 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
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