Funding Programs

Funding Programs for the Music Industry

Artistic Development
The Canada Council, Manitoba Arts Council, and Winnipeg Arts Council have programs to help artists develop their ability to create music. Aboriginal artists are eligible for all music programs, including Aboriginal-specific programs. Please visit the agency websites for application forms, program officer contact information, and deadlines.

The Aboriginal artist programs include:

The Canada Council for the Arts’ Aboriginal Peoples Music Program

The Manitoba Arts Council’s Aboriginal Arts Mentorship, Training and Development Program (music)

The Manitoba Arts Council’s Aboriginal Arts Creative Development Program (music)

The Winnipeg Arts Council has two programs to support artist development. Please visit for more information.

Business Development
Manitoba Film & Music (MFM), the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR), MusicAction, the Radio Starmaker Fund, MuchFACT, Country Music Television (CMT), the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN), the SOCAN Foundation, and Manitoba Music have programs available to help artists and industry professionals record albums, market their releases, produce music videos, tour, and attend conferences. Aboriginal people are eligible for all programs.

The recording, touring, marketing, and music video programs include:

MFM’s Music Recording Production Fund

MFM’s Recording Artist Touring Support Program

MFM's Record Product Marketing

MFM's Music & Viral Video Fund

MFM's Music Recording Production Fund for Out-of-Province Artists

FACTOR’s Demo and Commercially Released Single Program

FACTOR’s Juried Sound Recording Program

FACTOR's Emerging Artist Sound Recording

FACTOR's Marketing & Promotion for FACTOR-Supported Sound Recordings Program

FACTOR's Marketing & Promotion for Non-FACTOR-Supported Sound Recordings Program

FACTOR's Showcase Support

FACTOR's Tour Support

FACTOR's Video Program

MusicAction’s Album Production Program (for Francophone artists)

The Radio Starmaker Fund

MuchFACT’s Music Video Program

MuchFACT's Web Program

MuchFACT's EPK Program

MuchFACT's Viral Video Program

CMT’s Video Advantage Program

APTN’s First Track Program

SOCAN Foundation's International Showcasing

Manitoba Music’s Market Access Program

Manitoba Music’s Corporate Annual Business Program

Manitoba Music's Music Industry Internship Program

Manitoba Music's Strategic Consulting Program