Careers in the Music Industry

Examples of Careers in the Music Industry
Performing Artist
Session Musician
Tour Manager
Music Publisher
Entertainment Lawyer
Concert Promoter
Venue Manager
Sound Technician
Festival Producer
Radio Host
Graphic Designer
Website Programmer

Potential Employers in the Music Industry
Booking Agencies
Music Publishers
Record Labels
Radio Stations
Music Festivals
Music Award Shows
Funding Agencies
Music Industry Associations
Live Music Venues
Music Stores
PA and Backline Companies

"Being a booking agent is a challenging responsibility. You have to work for the artist and the client. You can have the greatest reward when both client and artist are satisfied. You must be committed and patient and enjoy working behind the scenes."
                    -Vince Fontaine, Owner/President
                    Rising Sun Productions

"Artists are some of the hardest working people in the workforce today. We are creators, business people, marketing machines and energizer bunnies. We do all of this all the time. All of our hard work is worth it because we are blessed with the opportunity to have our voices heard. This is our privilege."
                    - Desiree Dorion, artist

"To be an artist now you must have very clear understanding of the changing industry. I feel that I have worked very hard to stay on top of the ever-changing music scene, and that keeps me constantly pushing forward both with my performances and presence in the music scene. Perseverance, determination and an understanding that we're not owed anything are key traits that I have come to embrace in my growth as an artist."
                    - Don Amero, artist

"Being able to love your job day after day is the key to doing great work.  It's very important that you feel whole hearted about this industry before you enter it. It's exciting, very rewarding and sometimes very time consuming.  But if you're like me and the passion for radio outweighs any concern or apprehension for hard work then this is the place for you."
                    - Melissa Spence, Program & Music Director
                    Streetz FM
"A career in music isn't for someone looking for quick fame and fortune. Success comes after years of practice and countless hours spent doing the behind the scenes things that make it possible for people to enjoy your creations."
                    - Wab Kinew, artist

"Relationships are so important in this industry and in life. Success can be interpreted in many ways. I measure success by efforts made toward positive change and growth of our musical communities and of our future artists. We don't choose to be an artist, this was decided for us before we were born. The only choice we make is how many people we share this gift with and how."
                    - Tracy Bone, artist