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By Scott Cornelius

Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Stan Ostafie, SLAM Publications, Roblin, Mb. (204)937-2067
Catalog No.

Tune Up is a combination of Scott's first vocals, The Auctioneer Song and Devil Went Down To Georgia,  along with a mix of old-time and Metis fiddle.  It also features Scott's second original composition, Lloyd's Jig, which he wrote for his Grandpa Shearer.  The cover of Tune Up represents Scott's two passions, his fiddle and old cars and antiques.  As a youngster, Scott always had a small car in his hand, usually an old model, even when he fiddled in competitions. 


To order a CD by mail, please contact Scott at (204)937-2781 and they can be mailed out.

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