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Songs for Turtle Island

Songs for Turtle Island

By Vince Fontaine

Sunday, February 27, 2011
Darcy Ataman
Rising Sun Productions
Catalog No.

Featuring eight tracks produced by Darcy Ataman and Vince Fontaine.

1. Watersong - produced by James Creasy and Vince Fontaine

2. Song for Turtle Island - produced by Chris Burke Gaffney and Vince Fontaine

3. White Buffalo

4. Dance - produced by Vince Fontaine and Chris Weibe, with additional mixing and tracking by Dacry Ataman

5. Buffalo Song

6. Thunderbird Song - produced by Chris Weibe and Vince Fontaine

7. Aleah

8. Raven Fanfare 2

Featuring additional instrumentation from Richard Moody, Rachel Moody, and Emma Quackenbush.

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