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Lasting Memories - Cliff Maytwayashing

Lasting Memories - Cliff Maytwayashing

By Sunshine Records

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Shane Ward
Platinum|Gold Studios
Sunshine Records

The brand new Cliff Maytwayashing album is available “Lasting Memories”. The final studio album, recorded with his son Pat & and long time friend Jimmy Flett, contains 12 new fiddle songs and a tribute by Jimmy.

The album is available on CD for at, and very soon on iTunes

Another recording Legend has departed us. We at Sunshine Records will miss the personal interaction that was enjoyed with Cliff.

From the rollicking times we had in the recording studio, his friendly smile; the winks; and all the hilarious one-liners to the joyous personality that cliff had- yes we will miss all of that.

His memories, his music and the legacy he left behind will be with us forever. Cliff was a "Legendary Old Time Fiddler" and will go down in history as one of the "Ambassadors" of Old Time Fiddlers.

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