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Love, Spurs and Rock N' Roll

Love, Spurs and Rock N' Roll

By Holly Vee

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Craig Fotheringham
Bargain Basement Studio
Catalog No.

This album has 8 out of 10 original songs, 2 songs are written by Nashville songwriter-Gilles Goddard,one of these songs , one ,was co-written with Terri Clark.3 songs are written by Ray martin/Lyle Foster.,of the Foster Martin Band.3 songs are written by Holly Vee,two of the songs are co-written by Craig Fotheringham.Also included on the album are 2 classic rock tunes,namely Tush,and Voodoo Thing.

One Kiss-Ray Martin/lyle Foster
Tough-Gilles Goddard
I'm The One-Ray Martin/Lyle Foster
I Luv You-Holly Vee/Craig Fotheringham
Fall in the First Place-Gilles Goddard/ Terri Clarke
Sis-Holly Vee
Undying Love Holly Vee/Craig Fotheringham
Rendevouz-Ray Martin/Lyle Foster
Voodoo Thing-Colin James

Holly has enlisted "A" liner top musicians for this album,namely Ken"Spider" Nivea(bass),Steve Broadhurst(drums),Clint Dutiaume(fiddle,mandolin,guitars),Tom Dutiaume(steel guitar,guitar),Barry Player(electric guitar),Jesse Bandura(electric guitar)

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