Canadian Music Industry Rep in Europe

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Shain Shapiro is a Canadian expat living in London, UK and is the European consultant for the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA). As the CIMA representative, Shain coordinates European showcasing opportunities for Canadian artists including the various ‘Canadian Blast’ events and consults with labels and artists on European market development and touring.

Shain can help artists develop marketing plans and strategies for international activities, pitch projects and companies to agents, publicists, distributors, publishers and promoters across Europe, and assist with the logistics of touring and doing business overseas. He is an accredited sponsor for UK visas and can advise on foreign taxes.

Any Manitoba artist or company wanting to increase their activities in Europe and the UK should contact Shain to see how he might be able to help.

Download a detailed one-sheet: Shain Shapiro Info Sheet

For more information, visit, contact Sean McManus at Manitoba Music,, or contact Shain directly at

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