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April 10 proved to be just the right time for the release of Wab Kinew’s music video for the first single off his Live by the Drum solo debut. The Dead Indians collaborator drew upon the melodic wisdom of local Metis songstress Dominique Reynolds for the hook and theme of “If this was Right,” which tells the story of a young couple trying to figure out if a one night stand is enough to build a relationship on.

The debut of the video went down at the Lo Pub in Winnipeg’s new Hostelling International Downtowner for an eclectic audience of friends, family and fans. After  multiple screenings of the video, the co-writers played a unique version of the song with Kinew on his hand drum and Reynolds on the keys.

The video starred Kinew and local actor/model Deanna Pashe and featured the talents of Reynolds.

The video was produced by Kinew and directed by Ervin Chartrand. “We've known each other for a few years now,” explains Kinew. “He was a cameraman for the CBC for someone doing a story on Slangblossom, a group I used to be in. We got talking, and the rest is history.”

The video took over a year to finish, due to a disconnect between the funders and the creative team’s vision for the project. “We did it how we wanted to do it,” says
Kinew. “They said we were too ambitious, but we had to do it our way. It was baptism by fire.”

Video Fact supported the video with money in June of last year. The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network threw some cash their way right before they started shooting and Manitoba Film and Sound helped out in post-production.

Kinew also got some help from the City of Winnipeg’s Kenny Boyce, who gave free permits for all of the exterior scenes. Steve Morrison also helped out with equipment and, most valuably, with his expertise.

Kinew is currently traveling with the Trail of Broken Mics Tour, which is anchored by a final stop during the Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque, New Mexico on April 26.

The video is set to air on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, Much Music, and the internet.

Check the video online at myspace.com/wabdamuss.

Also be sure to visit our photo gallery for pictures from the video release party:

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