New Aboriginal Programming at the CBC

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The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has launched a new website and new radio program to share the stories and culture of Aboriginal people. The new website is dedicated to Aboriginal arts, news, and events in Canada, while the CBC Radio One show, Live by the Drum covers stories and music from Indigenous cultures across the globe.

The new website is located at and it brings together the network’s coverage of Aboriginal issues on television, radio and the World Wide Web. The interesting part for the music community is that it includes a spotlight for the arts called the Arts and Cultural Digest. Aboriginal recording artists interested in being featured in this section need only create a New Music Canada profile with music, an interesting bio and a promotional photo.

The CBC is also offering recorded performances in the Concerts on Demand section of You can find music by Tagaq, Eagle and Hawk, JC Campbell, Tracy Bone, Don Amero, Jared Sowan and Sandy Scofield here:

Live by the Drum has been going to air every Saturday afternoon this summer with host Wabanakwut Kinew. According to the Network’s description of the program, listeners will hear “stories and music which reveal how different cultures use rhythm to express universal experiences.” The CBC goes on to explain that, “people around the world use beat-heavy music to mark life-changing events: war and death, sex and celebration. From the chants of a Siberian shaman, to the funk in Brazil's poorest favelas all the way to foot-stomping Quebecois music, our whole world lives by the drum.”

For more information about the new Aboriginal website for the CBC, visit:

To access the Concerts on Demand section of the CBC website, visit:

To listen to Live by the Drum on CBC Radio One, visit:

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