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The province’s Aboriginal radio station, NCI FM released their first compilation CD this month with a party on the Red River Princess boat in Winnipeg on June 6. The disc is entitled “Sounds like... NCI” and it features songs by D.L.O, Gabby Taylor, Gerry McIvor, Don Amero, Tracy Bone, Aaron Peters, Chris Beach, Norbert Ducharme, Les Shannacappo and a number of artists from outside the province. The CD is available at the NCI FM offices in Winnipeg and Thompson for $20 and will be available online once the station’s new website is launched in mid July.

"We are extremely proud of the outcome of the ‘Sounds like...NCI’ CD project,” explains David McLeod, General Manager of the station. “We produced the CD for several reasons. Firstly, we wanted to promote independent Aboriginal talent from all across Canada. We also wanted to produce a CD, which highlighted music that is popular on both our request lines and on the National Aboriginal Top #30 Countdown. This CD is truly unique, as nothing is available on the market that compares. I would like to also note that one album cannot do justice to the hundreds of great songs played over the last few years. We will monitor the sales of the project and look forward to possibly producing a Volume 2. In the meantime, we have already received orders from Alberta and Ontario. CBC Radio nationally has also requested copies of the CD for regional airplay. The ‘Sounds Like...NCI’ project is certainly an indicator that Aboriginal music is in demand and that Aboriginal radio networks like NCI can play a role in the Aboriginal music industry."

The tracks on the CD are:
1) Norbert Ducharme “Flowers”
2) Tracy Bone “Games”
3) Gerry McIvor “Anishenabe Ikwe”
4) Gabby Taylor “Cool Me Down”
5) D.L.O. “Northern Hillbilly”
6) Stephen Kakfwi “Northern Woman”
7) Phyllis Sinclair “Hard-Time Hannah”
8) Don Amero “Freight Train”
9) Leela Gilday “One Drum”
10) Terry McCaffrey “Phoenix”
11) Black Rain “Rez Girls”
12) Les Shannacappo “Never Be A Cheating Heart”
13) Art Napoleon “Good Red Road”
14) Chris Beach “Soap Opera Woman”
15) Andrea Menard “100 Years”
16) Elvis Mayt-way-ash-ing “Girl Your On Your Own”
17) Aaron Peters “Hearts Most Wanted”
18) Leanne Goose “Anywhere”

You can purchase the disc at the NCI FM offices in Winnipeg and Thompson. The CD can also be ordered by phone at the number below.

Winnipeg office: 1507 Inkster Blvd.
Thompson office: 76 Severn Cres.
Order by phone: 204-772-8255

For more information about NCI FM, please visit their webiste:

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