Stun releases debut album, titled, "The Influence".

By Stun

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Stun, is a Canadian aboriginal hiphop artist making his debut release, with the album titled, "The Influence". 


 Over the years, Stun has shared the stage with artists such as: Leonard Sumner, Merkules, Illiano (of YSMG) and the formally known city sensation, "Winnipeg's Most". 


His performance brings the vibe of the moment to life. With cleverly written punchlines and adjacent wordplay, Stun involves his own aspect of lyricism into the music. 


Stun's, "The Influence" is a compilation of life experiences put into musical form. Describing day to day experiences from a teenager to the adult aspects of growth. The album speaks of overcoming subjective obstacles: depression, Self Esteem Issues and heart break. Through positivity, Stun punctures the use of pushing through the surface of influences. 

Based on his outlook, the album represents all factors involved in his development of identification. 2017 marks the birth of an artistic desire, labeled, "The Influence". 

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