Amero's 'Home Away From Home' tour begins

By Don Amero

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While Don Amero's hometown is Winnipeg, he seeks to embrace a little bit of 'Home' wherever he travels. Thats why hes looking forward to touring again to many places hes already been, seeing familiar faces, and refueling friendships. And while hell be sharing songs and stories on his Home-Away-From-Home Tour, hes asking fans to share something, too their pictures of home:

When I travel, I take a lot of pictures from the perspective of a visitor. But what Ive always been interested in is how people perceive their hometowns. So during this tour, Im asking people to share pictures of their hometown, and show me how they see their own home through their own eyes, says Amero.

Fans can email Don their hometown pics at
The pictures will be featured on Dons Facebook page during the tour. After returning home to Winnipeg, Don will present the best of the batch in a slideshow during his hometown concert on May 27th.

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