"...the thin train track that we travel on can fit without disruption through beautiful secrets of land that a road cannot..."

By Sierra Noble

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Hello, hello everyone!

How are all of you?

As you know I have been on tour now for one week on the CP Rail Olympic Spirit Train, which started on September 21st in Port Moody, BC.
I had never been on a train before until now, and for anyone else who hasn’t, don’t let your life go by without seeing our country on the train. I had seen the mountains in BC before, but the thin train track that we travel on can fit without disruption through beautiful secrets of land that a road cannot. I will be posting many picture of these sights I speak of very soon so that you can experience a little bit of it for yourself.

My favourite thing about these shows is watching the faces of the crowds, whether they’re going through the Olympic Village and getting a taste for a number of different winter Olympic events, or they’re up at the stage watching our show, I think the spirit of the spirit train is rubbing off on everyone who comes by.
The Spirit Train I find has greatly exceeded my expectations. We’re not just building spirit for the 2010 Winter Games, but it is raising the spirits and feeding the dreams of all of the children who come through our event.
We are also lucky enough to have Paul Rosen on board with us as well, 2006 Torino Paralympic Games, Sledge Hockey Gold Medalist. I’ve had the pleasure and honour of being able to hear him speak at every show we’ve done and am continuously inspired by his story, motivation, and his passion. He speaks of never giving up, there being no boundaries to keep you from achieving your dream, and that nothing and no one can ever get in your way, and when I get up there to do my show I speak of the amazing similarities between myself and these young athletes. We have the same passion and drive for what we do and though it’s not always easy, we always keep going, never stop, and don’t let anyone stop us. Throughout the whole event we are promoting dreams, and we are promoting spirit…two things I believe can get anyone to their ultimate goal and achieve their dream.

So far we have done shows in Port Moody, BC, Revelstoke, BC, Calgary, AB, Edmonton, AB, and tomorrow we have a show in Saskatoon, Sask.
I would love to see all of you out to the shows coming up, here in Saskatoon, in Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Mississauga, Smith Falls, and Montreal.
Come experience the Olympic Village, watch the Spirit Train band, myself, Dallas Arcand and of course our wonderful and talented headliner performer, Colin James.

I’ll keep you updated with more blogs now that we’re well settled in and our shows are underway!

Love to you all



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