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The Things We Don't Know

The Things We Don't Know

By Violet Vopni

Friday, July 9, 2021
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The album is named for Vopni’s great grandfather Joseph, about whom she knows very little.

He was born in 1900, fought in WW1 in 1916, married Vopni's great grandmother Jenny Vopni in 1923, and was father to four children, Harold, Allan, Doris and Beatrice. Beatrice is Vopni's grandmother. Joseph was Metis, but being born 15 years after the Northwest Rebellion, he was forced to keep his identity a secret.

Vopni believes he kept this secret to avoid being sent to a residential school where he would have been abused not only by the teachers, but also by his fellow students. Metis people were known in those days for being in between people because of their combined French and Indigenous lineage. Joseph's story is one that is common to all Metis people born in the last 135 years since the Northwest Rebellion in 1885.

The Things We Don’t Know explores jazz, latin, folk and pop songs written by Vopni between 1998 and 2020.

Their single Joseph has been streamed 386k by over 30k fans worldwide.

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