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Under Donald

Under Donald

By waNda wilsoN

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
waNda wilsoN
Throughout Winnipeg.
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Low on dough yet high on drive, Under Donald slowly took shape as a labour of love, with old 58's, battery powered gear, natutal acoustics and the unwavering sence of adventure, it is where and when Under Donald started to take shape.

While recording, people stopped, clapped, danced, cheered, and donated. Money earned from show's and ‘guerilla’ underground performances paid for itself in terms of the recordings and the final mastering of the tracks.

In the end, you won’t hear a polished performance with clean mixes and subtle fadeouts. What you will experience is a truly unique musical collaboration that connected and came together live, while remaining completely intact and fully raw. It is what it is. As someone described it, “beautifully imperfect…”

Broose, Beer for Breakfast @ KICK FM, 2009- "That's so Winnipeg!"

Margaux Watt, CBC Radio- "Very Cool". Under Donald was voted as most unique album of the week on CBC radio program -Up to Speed- Nov-2009.

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