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By Camerata Nova

Thursday, January 1, 2004
Catalog No.

I am absorbed by the purity and elegance of the vocal polyphony of the Renaissance. It is a transparent sound with intricate, seamless and interwoven musical lines. For me, it soars with wonderment, groans in minor keys and accidentals of grief, and whispers of mystery. Whether I am singing, conducting, or composing, it is a constant source of inspiration, leading me forward.

Mystica is testament to the powerful influence that Renaissance music has had over the centuries and across continents. The unifying force in this recording comes from the pure vocal line of the Renaissance, whether it be found in contemporary Canadian works, compositions of the 18th and 19th centuries or from the Renaissance proper.

Mystica is Camerata Nova's way of celebrating the mystery and wonderment of music and of life. We believe that it is a profound way to express our fragile nature. We hope this music will fill you, in turn, with joy, solace and peace.

-Andrew Balfour

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