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RoseAnna Schick is a music manager, motion picture publicist, content specialist, travel columnist, and award-winning entrepreneur, who is passionate about every project she takes on. She is inspired every day to take her 25 years of experience across the entertainment industries and apply every single bit of it to launching the music career of Northern roots-rockers Midnight Shine. And it's working!   

A band that formed in the remote James Bay region in 2011, Midnight Shine first connected with RoseAnna six years ago, and momentum has been building since. The growing team now includes a number of industry professionals including Ralph James and APA Agency. The band continues to move closer to breaking-out in a big way, with the burgeoning success of a dynamite third album and two very cool music videos currently generating high traffic and buzz from across Canada (and beyond). 

RoseAnna works as Midnight Shine's manager and publicist through her Winnipeg-based company RAS Creative. She produced, co-directed, and supervised the editing and finishes on the band's debut music videos Heart of Gold (Cover), I Need Angels, Leather Skin, and Lonely Boy. It's only her second time producing music videos, actually. The first time was 20 years ago for Winnipeg rock band Pushing Daisies and their hit song Disagree.

The innovative one-shot steadicam video for Pushing Daisies, shot with Cliff Hokanson back-in-the-day, earned three nominations at Western Canadian festivals and plenty of television play. Coincidentally, RoseAnna and Cliff ran into each other on a film set in Winnipeg last fall, just in time to reunite as a production team for shooting Midnight Shine's music videos. 

Since 1995, RoseAnna has provided her guidance and services to more than 50 musicians, 60 special events, and over 90 film and television productions. A community builder and trailblazer, she is one of three founders of Manitoba Music, having co-led the Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association though a complete overhaul and relaunch of the organization into the one we know today.

She is a founding member of the Prairie Music Alliance, which became the Western Canadian Music Alliance in 2003, and was nominated Outstanding Manager at the 2001 Prairie Music Awards for her work with Pushing Daisies. RoseAnna was honoured to receive a Women of Distinction Award in 2011, and was nominated for a Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2007. 

In the motion picture world… RoseAnna is a film and television unit publicist, specializing in field producing for EPK shoots, coordinating and managing on-set media relations, and implementing special marketing activity during production for digitals and other platforms. She has been involved in the launches of dozens of productions, has an extensive background as a production coordinator, and is a scriptwriter for commercial projects.

RoseAnna spent two years as Executive Director of the Manitoba Motion Picture Industry Association (now On Screen Manitoba), where she represented Manitoba’s film and television industry and led the development of new production policies. She recently completed a six-year term on the Board of Directors for On Screen Manitoba, and continues to volunteer her time to great causes and the best indie films.

When she’s not busy being busy… you’ll find RoseAnna rowing, running, curling, playing hockey, doing yoga, riding her bike, trying to break 100 on any given golf course, or out roaming somewhere in the Canadian wilderness… the more remote the better…


RAS Creative has been at the forefront of independent publicity in Canada since 1994, when RoseAnna started the part-time company in college as an excuse to work with bands. Having learned first-hand all the tricks of the old-school trades, she was fortunate to have the curiosity, inclination and desire to adapt her knowlege and skillset to ever-evolving methods of communication, changing technology, and innovative new trends. Because of this, RoseAnna was able to continue to grow her little company, taking it full-time in 2004, and never looking back. 

Today, RAS Creative is a leader in implementing all kinds of publicity and promotional campaigns, and RoseAnna is recognized as a content specialist and producer in today's digital landscape. We know how to identify a good story, craft the right pitch, and leverage the perfect partners across all forms of media, using our own personally cultivated connections and professional networks.

We've successfully secured coverage on every major broadcaster and publication in Canada and then some, including CBC's The National, Canada AM, ET Canada, eTalk, CTV Morning Live, Breakfast Television, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Globe and Mail, National Post, Canadian Press, Daily Vice, and the list goes on. 

We've proudly worked with recording artists, agencies, labels, studios, live shows, and music organizations. Our special events and festival roster includes Dauphin's Countryfest, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Interstellar Rodeo, JUNO Awards, Grey Cup Festival, Canadian Country Music Awards, Western Canadian Music Awards, Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards, Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, and others.

When the right project for us comes along, we'll know it. And if we're right for you, you'll know it, too. Get in touch if you have a project you think we should discuss... 


RoseAnna Schick
Winnipeg Canada
1 204 783 7600


Midnight Shine - Heart of Gold (Cover) by RAS Creative

Midnight Shine - I Need Angels by RAS Creative

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