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My name is Pamela Kristen G, I'm from Winnipeg and music is a big part of my life. I started writing lyrics when I was young, and now use this skill towards my music production. I recently moved back to Winnipeg, from Vancouver Island and I decided to take my passion for music more seriously. That's when I enrolled for Andrew Yankiwski's music production program at Precursor Productions Recording Studio. I received hands on training in music production. I was able to observe and learn from multiple grammy award winners like Jacquire King, who gave a in-depth process of record making with his online training program. As well as, Bob Horn who I observed mixing a song from start to finish and bring a hit worthy track to life in his online course. I fell in love with creating beats, writing lyrics and mixing music. I'm living out my dream, I'm creating music. - It all seemed too good to be true, but I've only gotten better. I'm always learning and I've dedicated my life to master my craft. More about me, listen to my music. From the beginning days to today. It says it all. If you want to collab, need beats, song lyrics, then I am your music producer. Send me a message. 


pamela guiboche
winnipeg MB Canada
1 431 777 4552


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