Call for Participants: Manitoba Film & Music Grant Writing Incubator

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Deadline: Monday, August 29 at 4PM

Planning to apply for Manitoba Film & Music’s Music Recording Production Fund? MusicWorks and Indigenous Music are launching a grant writing incubator program for beginner to intermediate artists and industry professionals in Manitoba who are recording a single, EP, or album for commercial release, and want to apply for MFM’s upcoming September 15, 2022 deadline. 

Over the course of three sessions, participants will be guided through the process of writing and applying for funding, with the guidance of experienced mentors with the intention of submitting a funding application to MFM of the program. The program will cover business registration, application forms, budget, and marketing/project plans.

To participate in the program, applicants must:

  • Be a professional artist or company working with artists based in Manitoba
  • Be available for one of the two-hour mentoring session  below:
    • Option 1: September 1, 5, 8 (between 5-9PM) In-person at Manitoba Music
    • Option 2: September 2, 6, 8 (between 5-9PM) In-person at Manitoba Music
    • Option 3: Three mentor sessions held via Zoom (depending on the availability of mentor and mentee)
    • There also be a one-hour meeting with an “Audio Mentor” via Zoom TBD (depending on the availability of mentor and mentee)
  • Be available for a final review meeting with an advisor from Manitoba Film & Music (date TBD)
  • Be eligible to apply for MFM programs (see applicant requirements here)
  • Be recording an upcoming single, EP, or album for commercial release OR recording demos not intended for release OR writing and doing pre-production for an upcoming project
  • Have a sense of a release timeline and rough project plan that is relevant to the grant deadline of September 15
  • Have assessment tracks recorded and ready by the program start date:
    • For a commercial single release: one quality, unreleased demo
    • For a commercial EP or album release: two quality, unreleased demos
  • Attend/Watch the info session on August 31 (pre-registration required) to ensure you’re ready and prepared to meet with a mentor
  • Complete a draft marketing plan guide

For more info, please contact:

Manitoba Music
‚ÄčTreaty 1 Territory

Shaneen Robinson-Desjarlais, Indigenous Music Development Coordinator


Alex Sannie, Industry Development Coordinator

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