DIY Roundup: Music Business Tips from the Web

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Music Connection 96 Best Career Tips of 2016 

Pro Audio Files 3 Essential Traits of a Great Session Bassist 

Hypebot How to Rekindle Fan Interest With Retargeted Advertising 

Sonicbids How to Know If It's Worth It to Take the Gig or Pass 

Hypebot Guide to Independent Radio Promotion: Why It Still Matters 

Music Think Tank 6 Tips for a Successful Album Release

Indie on the Move Budgeting for a New Album 

Reverb Nation What Music Journalists Want Musicians to Know 

Hypebot Analytics In an Artist’s World 

Sonicbids So What Do You Do Again? A Guide to Roles in the Music Industry 

Music Connection 10 Things You Should Never Say on Stage 

Pro Audio Files 13 Quick Tips for Preparing a Mix for Mastering 

Music Think Tank 11 Killer Content Ideas for Musicians to Get More Fans on Social Media 

Hypebot 10 Legal Steps to Take As an Entertainer

Sonicbids How to Properly Advance Your Shows

Bandzoogle A Complete Guide to SEO for Musicians

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