SoundCheck: Manitoba Music Launches Economic Impact Survey of Manitoba's Music Industry

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Manitoba Music is partnering with international consulting firm Nordicity to launch SoundCheck: An Economic Impact Analysis of Manitoba’s Music Industry.

Once completed, SoundCheck will provide data and analysis of the economic impact of the music industry on the provincial and national economies. The results will be made public and will be distributed to key industry stakeholders to demonstrate our industry’s successes, to better understand the challenges and opportunities created by recent changes in the industry, and to support the strategies needed to meet the future of this evolving industry.

"As the creative industries become better understood as a significant contributor to jobs and the economy in Canada and around the world, having tools to analyze the impact and scope of our industry has become critical," says Sean McManus, Manitoba Music's executive director. “The music industry’s participation in this study will help our sector continue to grow, compete, and thrive.”

The initiative will create a profile of the Manitoba music industry through a confidential online survey and a series of stakeholder interviews. It will provide an economic impact assessment and will include recommendations to spur future growth and development in the music industry. SoundCheck will analyze the effects of the music industry’s dramatically changing business environment, including the international landscape for music releases, marketing, and touring, and the significant evolutions in technology, distribution, and fan interaction.

Manitoba Music will launch SoundCheck in early December and will run throughout the month. All Manitoba music entrepreneurs, artists, employees, organizations, and businesses are urged to complete the survey online. Nordicity will be contacting most participants via direct email, but those who don’t receive an invitation can visit for more information.

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