Aboriginal Music Community Survey 2013

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Manitoba Music's Aboriginal Music Program recently conducted an informal survey to identify some Aboriginal recording artist preferences and priorities. The survey was very simple and it included six quick questions, with three specific to the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards (APCMA).

The results will be used by Manitoba Music's Aboriginal Music Program to inform decisions about projects that serve Aboriginal artists across Canada. The results will also be shared with the Manito Ahbee Festival, which produces the APCMA.

A total of 74 Aboriginal artists from across the continent completed the survey.

The highlights:

  • A good paying performance spot at a music festival is more important to 47.3% of the artists than the opportunity to connect with manager or agents (32.4%), the opportunity to meet other Aboriginal artists (10.8%), and a nomination or win at a music award show (9.5%).
  • The opportunity to perform for a large audience is more important to 59.5% of the artists than a professional performance fee (40.5%).
  • Most Aboriginal artists want industry professionals to select the nominees and winners in each of the APCMA categories (two of the four options listed in the survey featured systems with industry professionals selecting the nominees and winners).
  • Most Aboriginal artists (60.8%) think that the Aboriginal music community needs more showcases to help artists connect with festivals, managers, and agents.

Two of the questions allowed the artists to explain other options that they would prefer.

Download the survey results.

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