Aboriginal artists at BreakOut West

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Jerry Sereda, Indian City, Daniel ROA, Don Amero, Federal Lights, Renée Lamoureax (Keith and Renée) and Marie-Josée Dandeneau (Oh My Darling) will be showcasing at the BreakOut West festival in Regina this month. The showcases will provide each act with a chance to connect with music festival bookers, agents, manager, labels, publicists, and other industry professionals attending the conference and Western Canadian Music Awards (WCMA).

The BreakOut West festival runs Friday, September 28 and Saturday, September 29 at McNally’s Tavern, Pure Ultra Lounge, The Exchange, The Club, The Gaslight Saloon, Artesian on 13th, Slow Food Pub, Creative City Centre, Crave, O'Hanlan's Pub, and The Artful Dodger in downtown Regina.

Murray Porter (BC) and Rellik (AB) round out the Aboriginal artists participating in the festival.

Manitoba based artists Tanya Tagaq, Indian City, Jerry Sereda, and Daniel ROA are up for awards at the WCMA this year. The winners will be announced at an awards gala on Sunday, September 30.

Jerry Sereda
Friday: 12am @ The Artful Dodger
Saturday: 10pm @ The Artful Dodger

Indian City
Friday: 9pm @ The Exchange
Saturday: 11pm @ The Artful Dodger

Daniel ROA
Saturday: 11pm @ Creative City Centre

Don Amero
Friday: 9pm @ The Gaslight Saloon
Saturday: 8pm @ The Artful Dodger

Federal Lights
Friday: 10pm @ Artesian on 13th
Saturday: 1am @ O'Hanlan's Pub

Renée Lamoureax (Keith and Renée)
Friday: 11pm @ The Artful Dodger
Saturday: 11pm @ The Club

Marie-Josée Dandeneau (Oh My Darling)
Friday: 11pm @ The Club
Saturday: 10pm @ Crave

Murray Porter (BC)
Saturday: 9pm @ The Artful Dodger

Rellik (AB)
Friday: 1am @ O'Hanlan's Pub
Saturday: 12am @ The Artful Dodger

Please visit breakoutwest.ca for more information.

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