Aboriginal artists and industry accessing FACTOR support

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Five Aboriginal artists and industry entities were among the latest group approved for funding from the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR). The Manito Ahbee Festival, Rising Sun Productions, the Centre for Aboriginal Media, Holly McNarland, and MDM Recordings submitted successful applications for a combined investment of $72,069 in their projects and businesses.

Federal Lights, Ila Barker, Mikel Rondeau, Vince Fontaine, MDM Recordings, Joey Stylez, Digging Roots, Chantal Kreviazuk, The Johnnys, and Aboriginal Experiences, Arts and Culture received approvals from FACTOR earlier this year (details here).

Sponsorship Program
The Manito Ahbee Festival

The Centre for Aboriginal Media

Collective Initiatives Support
The Manito Ahbee Festival

M&P FACTOR Funded - FL
Holly McNarland

Business Development
MDM Recordings Inc.

Business Travel
MDM Recordings Inc.

Rising Sun Productions Inc.

Application Deadlines for 2012-2013
Demo and Commercially-Released Single | Deadlines: Nov 1
Juried Sound Recording | Deadlines: Nov 1
Emerging Artist Sound Recording | Deadlines: Nov 1
Direct Board Approval Sound Recording | Deadlines: Nov 29
Marketing & Promo for FACTOR-Funded Sound Recordings | Rolling deadlines
Marketing & Promo for Non-FACTOR-Funded Sound Recordings | Deadlines: Sep 27
Video Program | Deadlines: Sep 13, Dec 13
Showcase Support | Deadlines: Oct 11, Jan 31
Tour Support | Deadlines: Nov 29, Feb 14
Songwriter’s Workshop | Deadlines: Oct 14
Business Development | Deadline: Apr 19
Business Travel | Rolling deadlines
Collective Initiatives | Rolling deadlines

Please visit factor.ca for more information about FACTOR. 


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