Call for Submissions: APTN Olympics

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DEADLINE: January 15, 2010

The APTN Olympic Unit is now accepting submissions for original music to be used in February for the broadcast of the Winter Olympic Games.

For the first time ever in Canadian broadcast history the Olympics will be broadcast in aboriginal languages! We are looking for original music (no covers) of all genres to help us in producing some of our content such as features and highlights.

The music will be broadcast across the country in a groundbreaking program that has never been done before. Artists will be credited for the use of their original music on screen if we choose to use it as an element to enhance our broadcast.

APTN is happy to provide Aboriginal musicians with this opportunity to showcase and promote their original material. All existing SOCAN agreements will be honoured but no additional license fees will be paid for this service.

The music must be studio quality and if chosen for use, will run in conjunction with our content exclusively on APTN. If there is an HD widescreen format music video to run in conjunction with the song, we may use parts of it.

Please send one CD with up to three songs you wish to submit, although only one may be used. If you have the proper format of music video, please send that along as well in its highest quality.

Please send your submissions to:

Re: Chantelle Ducharme
APTN Olympics
339 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3B 2C3

For more information and for mailing alternatives please email:

We believe that our aboriginal languages are very important in preserving our culture and heritage. Please show your support in preserving our people’s history and helping the next generation carry on our traditions.

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