Five Year Commitment to Canada Music Fund Announced

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"We should be proud of what we as Canadians have created. It is unique, it is distinct and it is working." Heather Ostertag, President & CEO of FACTOR said today, in response to an announcement made in Montreal by the Department of Heritage.

The Honorable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, today announced that the Government of Canada is further ensuring stability for the arts by renewing the Canada Music Fund for a five year term.

Minister Moore emphasized that the government is changing the structure of the Canada Music Fund.

"The music industry generates billions of dollars' worth of economic activity every year. Our Government is proud to offer greater stability in these uncertain economic times by stabilizing resources dedicated to Canadian music, while helping maintain thousands of jobs," said Minister Moore.

Information with specific details on these changes will be provided at a later date.

Heather Ostertag, also stated, "We are fortunate to have strong leadership and vision from our current government which recognizes the importance of supporting sustainable business models and believes in the cultural component and how it weaves itself into the overall Canadian identity."

FACTOR supported artists The Dears, Young Galaxy and The Stills were in attendance at today's announcement.

"Sometimes, as an artist, you feel as if you're in the middle of the ocean and you have no wind. Then FACTOR comes in with a little gust and helps to get you to shore," said Murray Lightburn of The Dears.

Young Galaxy's Catherine McCandless stated, "It absolutely made such an enormous difference in enabling us to sustain ourselves without a label. We wanted to come out today because FACTOR has been such a force behind us."

Today's news will ensure that Canadian artists and the Canadian music industry will continue to receive support for initiatives and projects through FACTOR's various programs.

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