Paste Looks for Donations to Help Save Magazine

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Paste Magazine has launched "Campaign to Save Paste" in an attempt to save the music magazine and web site from extinction. As an independent company, Paste has struggled for the past nine months as the recession has put a squeeze on advertising dollars.

The last nine months have been bad, but last month was a new low for the magazine, with cash coming in unexpectedly reaching an all-time low, and turning a tough situation into a short-term crisis. The magazine has cut costs and believes it has a long term plan to succeed, but is need of cash to bridge the gap. Instead of closing it's doors, Paste has, in the spirit of independent music, gone to the fans looking for additional short term support.

The magazine has the support of over 70 artists who have offered rare and exclusive mp3s for those who donate. I would tend to agree with Drive By Truckers Patterson Hood that “Paste may be the last great American music magazine left.” I wasn't too concerned when entertainment gossip rag Blender bit the dust this year, but I would certainly be sorry to see Paste go.

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