New Aboriginal Artists to Watch in 2009

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Winnipeg’s own Sonia Eidse is a sweet songwriter with the ability to craft memorable melodies. She’s only 17-years-olds so be sure to watch for her in the next couple of years cause I still can’t get her choruses out of my mind.

Another rising star is Darrelyne Bickel from The Pas in northern Manitoba. She’s got an outstanding voice and a lot of swagger. Her new CD is entitled M.I.A. and it features six great country tracks.

Sadie is a hip hop artist coming out of the Fresh I.E. camp. Her new E.P. entitled Boomboxx Sounds features six tracks with solid rhyme schemes and great production. She’s been performing with Fresh and the Lil' Disciples for a while now, so I’m sure she’s set for big things this year.

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