Indian Summer Music Awards Announces Nominees

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Five Manitoba acts have been nominated for the 2008 Indian Summer Music Awards in 6 different categories. The Indian Summer Music Awards are affiliated with the Indian Summer Festival, running September 5-7, 2008 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The awards are scheduled for September 6, 2008.

This year’s nominees include traditional rock act Eagle & Hawk in both the Alternative Rock and Classic Rock categories, singer/songwriter J.C. Campbell in the Blues category, chanteuse Tracy Bone in the Country category, fiddler Ryan D’Aoust in the Contemporary Instrumental category, and the Red Shadow Singers in the Traditional Drum category. 

Local record label Arbor Records’ artists holds an additional four nominations. Nominations include Stevie Salas in the Alternative Rock category, Sandy Scofield in the Folk category, Shane Patterson in the Spiritual category, and Northern Wind in the Traditional Drum category.

Eagle & Hawk will also be performing throughout the weekend for the music hungry fans.

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Alternative Rock

Red Road Stories by Eagle & Hawk

Be What It Is by Steve Salas (Arbor Records)


Lazy James by J.C. Campbell

Classic Rock

Red Road Stories by Eagle & Hawk

Contemporary Instrumental

York Boats & Legends by Ryan D'Aoust


No Lies by Tracy Bone


Where The Green Grass Grows by The Crow Girls

Wind of the North by Violet Naytowhow

Nikawiy Askiy by Sandy Scofield (Arbor Records)


Moment of Sacredness by Shane Patterson (Arbor Records)

Traditional Drum

November Winds by Northern Wind

Manitou Api by Red Shadow Singers


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