More Copyright Reform Speculation

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Lots of speculation again this week about the Federal government's proposed copyright reform legislation. The Edmonton Sun, Globe and Mail, and the CBC all have somewhat varying reports. What is certain, is that nothing is certain as far as when Minister Prentice will introduce copyright reform legislation in the House, and what that legislation will actually look like.

The government has promised some industry leaders, including CIRPA's Duncan McKie, that "something will emerge in this session."

The legislation was originaly expected last fall, I wrote about it back in January. The problem seems to be that it's a no-win issue for the minority governement. Even within the music industry there is hardly a unified voice on the issue. The CBC reported that:
"It's not going to see the light of day," an Ottawa lobbyist said. "Copyright legislation is so contentious in its nature, that for any minority government it is extraordinarily difficult to find a balance that is actually going to have a chance of adoption."

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