StrongFront Records inks deal with Valu Lots

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StrongFront Records has reached their goal of local distribution by partnering up with Valu Lots, who will be supplying their stores across the country with the entire StrongFront roster. To celebrate this new business partnership, Billy Joe Green, Wab Kinew, J.C. Campbell, Tracy Bone, X-Status and a few special guests will be performing in the Valu Lots parking lot on Saturday, May 24, located at 910 Wall Street between 2-6 p.m. This concert will be supported with a tent sale.

Jesse Green, president of StrongFront Records and member of metal band X-Status, says, “We pitched the StrongFront Records vision to the Valu Lots people, and they supported the whole vision to help Aboriginal artists in promoting our quality products. This will also help us gain more exposure for artists in northern communities, and will help us expose them to top quality clients.”

Discussions are underway to continue the tour across the country at all Valu Lots stores and divisions. “We want to be able to tour through the communities where our distributors are and create hype. This is our form of concert marketing and promotion, the beginning of a network we want to create with this new distribution deal,” said Green.

StrongFront Records was created by Green in order in support of the Aboriginal music community. The record label is a division of the StrongFront Productions, an audio visual company that creates video projects, websites and electronic press kits.

Valu Lots is a subsidiary of the NorthWest company and includes the Giant Tiger chain.

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