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 The Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association’s (MARIA) Aboriginal Music Program is now accepting applications for AMP Camp 2008. The latest installment of this music development project for Aboriginal artists from across Canada will take place March 9-14, 2008 at a hotel/resort in Manitoba.

AMP Camp is a one-week professional and artistic development project that gives emerging to mid-career Aboriginal recording artists a chance to develop their understanding of the music industry along with their ability to succeed in it. The project is made possible by a working partnership between MARIA's Aboriginal Music Program and the Music Section of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Each day of AMP Camp begins with workshops on business topics. In the past, these discussions have included:
• The basics of booking a tour;
• Other ways for artists to make money in the music industry besides selling CDs and performing live;
• What producers, managers, agents, labels and publishers do and how to use them effectively;
• How to get your business together;
• How to make broadcast quality recordings; and,
• Submitting music to radio stations.

The afternoons and evenings at AMP Camp are dedicated to artistic development with sessions on songwriting, musicianship, vocal skills and performance.

The workshops are lead by a faculty of industry professionals from multiple parts of the country. In the past two years, the instructors have included Heather Bishop, Billy Joe Green, Kinnie Starr, Marty Ballentyne, Vince Fontaine, Doug Cox, Errol Ranville and Salvador Ferreras, to name a few.

AMP Camp has up to 15 spots for Aboriginal recording artists from Manitoba and 15 for participants from the rest of Canada. The Application Form is available on the Aboriginal Music Program website, and it contains additional information about the project.

The application deadline for AMP Camp 2008 is December 7, 2007 and the registration fee will be due January 23, 2008 for all successful applicants. The registration fee for AMP Camp 2008 is $300 and a discounted rate of $250 is available to members of regional music industry associations (ie. Music BC, Alberta Music Industry Association, Music Yukon, SaskMusic, MARIA, Music NL, Music New Brunswick and Music Nova Scotia).

The Aboriginal Music Program would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, Manitoba Culture, Heritage & Tourism, Manitoba Film and Sound, the Manitoba Arts Council and a contribution by MARIA through the Manitoba Music and Motion Pictures Development Project.

A PDF copy of the AMP Camp 2008 Application Form is available for download here:

For more information about AMP Camp and MARIA’s Aboriginal Music Program:

For more information about the Canada Council for the Arts:

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