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The Manitoba Arts Network represents community arts organizations throughout rural and northern Manitoba. Our touring program assists these presenters and artists/managers to coordinate block-booked tours and one-time performances.

Annually we publish a comprehensive Performance Touring Directory, which lists artists available for touring within the province. This Directory, which is the primary source of artist information for our community presenters, is seen by over 100 presenters throughout Manitoba and North Western Ontario and is available in print form and on our website:

Other benefits to artists/agent include:
1. Promotion of performing artists via our annual showcase presenters meeting.
2. Ongoing consideration of performing artists via booking activities done through our Touring Network.
3. Distribution of promotional materials to community presenters upon their request.

We invite you to list in the 2007/2008 Performance Touring Directory.

To do so you must complete the following application along with 1 printed press kit that includes show information, media, tech rider, an 8x10 photo, & 1 CD or DVD. For photos it is preferred that you send them, in jpeg format, via e-mail to

If you wish to include more than one artist/group in the directory, please use a separate application for each artist. Agents are given a special discount for having more than 10 artists in the directory. Contact me for more information.

Please fill out the application and submit with the applicable fee and all required supporting materials NO LATER THAN August 17, 2007 to:

Tanya Brunel, Performing Arts Program Coordinator

Manitoba Arts Network
203 Artspace Building,100 Arthur Street,
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1H3
Phone: (204) 957-5172
‘Fostering Arts and Culture in Rural and Northern Manitoba’

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