Red Road Music: Stories and Songs from Native Canada

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Four rising stars in the Aboriginal music community will be joining multi award winning rockers, Eagle and Hawk at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg on June 6 for a night of intimate and interactive acoustic songs and stories. The show is entitled Red Road Music and it will begin at 8 pm sharp with a songwriting circle featuring Don Amero, JC Campbell, Tracy Bone and Jared Sowan. This group will take turns performing songs, keeping the show moving quickly through a range of rich vocals, intelligent melodies and great stories.

The second half of the show will feature an acoustic set by Eagle and Hawk, who have plans to perform many of their most memorable songs, including “The Way,” “I See Red,” and a new version of what is probably their biggest hit to date, “Sundancer.”

Red Road Music offers a chance for everyone to take in some of the greatest songs being written in the Aboriginal community. The artists on the bill are fantastic and the striped down format is sure to help both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal audience members connect and appreciate the talent and intelligence of all five acts.

The Red Road Music project was made possible by a partnership between CBC Radio 2, NCI FM, the West End Cultural Centre, the Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association’s Aboriginal Music Program and the support of music industry leader, Heather Bishop. The initial goal of the project was to prepare the four songwriters for the folk festival circuit, but quickly turned into something bigger as each of the partners saw potential in the participants and a number of common interests among themselves.

On June 6, the entire show will be recorded for broadcast on CBC Radio 2, 98.3 FM and NCI FM, 105.5 FM. The CBC Radio 2 recording will be featured by the networks Canada Live and Shaken Not Stirred programs with the first broadcast hitting the airwaves on National Aboriginal Day (June 21) at 8 PM. NCI FM will broadcast the show at a later date.

You can listen to songs by each of the acts on their pages.
Tracy Bone:
JC Campbell:
Don Amero:
Jared Sowan:
Eagle & Hawk:

Tickets are $10 and available at Ticketmaster along with the West End Cultural Centre. To order in advance, please visit: or call (204) 780.3333.

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