APTN Has Five Music Videos Up For Grabs

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The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) has $100,000 to spend on the production of five music videos for Aboriginal recording artists from across Canada; that’s $20,000 a pop. The money will go towards production costs along with travel to Toronto, where all the videos will be shot. In order to be considered for the funding artists need to complete the application form and submit support materials by the June 30, 2007 deadline.

The final decisions will be made by the APTN programming staff, based on the strength of the application and the talent demonstrated in the music.

If you’re interested in sending in a song, here are a couple of things to consider:
• You don't need to submit a creative treatment for your proposed music video because APTN will assign an executive producer in Toronto for your project if you win;
• If you have already released a music video, APTN will still consider your submissions as they are hoping to come out of the project with five great music videos from five great recording artists or bands; and,
• Once the video is completed, APTN will require the copyright holders of the music to give them the rights to broadcast the video on their station and the Internet AND the artists may ask APTN for the rights to send the music video to other television networks, like Much Music, CMT, MTV, etc...

The details are included in the GUIDELINES and APPLICATION forms, but the basics are:

DEADLINE: June 30, 2007
AMOUNT: up to $20,000 per artist/group for production costs
FOR: One song on a current CD or a CD that is soon to be released
INFORMATION: Rebecca Morris + Tel: 888.278.8862, ext. 234 + E: rmorris@aptn.ca



You can also visit the APTN Open Call website for more information:

Please feel free to contact the Aboriginal Music Program Coordinator if you live in Manitoba and you need help completing your submission.

Alan Greyeyes
Aboriginal Music Program Coordinator
Tel: 204.975.0284
E: alan@manitobamusic.com

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