The Native American Music Awards want your votes

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The Native American Music Awards (NAMMYS) submissions have been posted online and the organizers are interested in hearing who fans around the world think should be nominated in each category. All you need to be able to cast your vote for your favorite Aboriginal/Native American song, artist, group or duo is an email account and a little bit of time.


Unfortunately your vote won’t be considered when the nominees are decided, but the NAMMY website does state that “a maximum of 30% of the total online votes will be weighed against Advisory membership votes in the final voting stage when voters select one winner for each category.” In other words, you can make a difference.

There are a number of Manitobans and AMP Camp alumni in the running. Be sure to sign up for your e-membership at and cast your vote for the following artists and groups:

Blues Jazz Recording
Slidin' Clyde Roulette Band - "Let's Take A Ride"
South Thunderbird -  "Tough Go"
Jared Sowan - "Electrically Yours" (AMP Camp 2007)

Debut Artist
Art Napoleon ((AMP Camp 2006)
Jared Sowan (AMP Camp 2007)
Shakti Hayes (AMP Camp 2007)

Debut Duo or Group
Slidin' Clyde Roulette Band

Best Female
Shakti Hayes (AMP Camp 2007)

Best Folk Recording
Hey - C-Weed
Miyoskamin - Art Napoleon (AMP Camp 2006)
Touchwood Hills - Shakti Hayes (AMP Camp 2007)

Best Country Recording
Hey - C-Weed
Miyoskamin - Art Napoleon (AMP Camp 2006)
Touchwood Hills - Shakti Hayes (AMP Camp 2007)

Duo or Group of the Year
Eagle & Hawk

Best Historical Recording
Miyoskamin - Art Napoleon

Best Instrumental Recording
Skiffle Fiddler - Cliff Maytwayashing

Best Male
Art Napoleon (AMP Camp 2006)
Errol Ranville
Jared Sowan (AMP Camp 2007)

Best Pop Recording
Life Is... - Eagle & Hawk

Best Rock Recording
Life Is...Eagle & Hawk

Best Producer
Chris Burke-Gaffney - Life Is...
D.J. St. Germain - Hey!
Shane Ward - Electrically Yours

Record of the Year
Life Is - Eagle & Hawk
Miyoskamin - Art Napoleon (AMP Camp 2007)
Let's Take A Ride - Slidin' Clyde Roulette Band

Song of the Year
A Lifetime Ago - Shakti Hayes (AMP Camp 2007)
Run As One - C-Weed
Wild West Show - Eagle & Hawk
Redman - Slidin' Clyde Roulette Band

Songwriter of the Year
Art Napoleon – Miyoskamin (AMP Camp 2006)
Bodner/Burke-Gaffney/Fontaine - Life Is...
Errol Ranville - Hey!
Shakti Hayes - Touchwood Hills (AMP Camp 2007)
Clyde Roulette - Let's Take A Ride

Best World Music Recording
Let's Take A Ride- Slidin' Clyde Roulette Band

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