AMP Camp 2007 Participants

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AMP Camp 2007 is going to be amp-tastic. Last year, the project was graced by the likes of multiple Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award nominee Tracy Bone, Western Canadian Music Award nominee Art Napoleon and Kuujjuaq’s greatest export, Edward Snowball. This year, the group promises to be just as great.

The participants for AMP Camp 2007 are:
Emil Starlight (AB)
Robert Thomson (BC)
Shakti Hayes (BC)
Jay Gilday (AB)
Jared Sowan (AB)
Gail Obediah (ON)
Renae Morriseau (BC)
Raine Morin (SK)
Taqralik Partridge (QC)
Leanne Goose (NT)
Gillian Thomson (BC)
Kiera Kolson (NT)
Skeena Reese (BC)
Anthony Martin (ON)
Madeleine Allakariallak (MB)
Don Amero (MB)
Gerry McIvor (MB)
Melissa Galvin (MB)
Shirli Ewanchuk (MB)
Wanda Wilson (MB)
Lucien Spence (MB)
Rayne DeLaronde (MB)

AMP Camp 2007 is a one-week professional and artistic development project that will give emerging to mid-career Aboriginal recording artists a chance to develop their understanding of the music industry along with their ability to succeed in it. The project will be held at the Misty Lake Lodge from February 11 – 16, 2006 and includes workshops on songwriting, image, performance skills, making better recordings and more.

The Aboriginal Music Program would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, the Manitoba Arts Council, the Province of Manitoba and the Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association for their contribution through the Manitoba Music and Motion Pictures Development Project for AMP Camp 2007.

For more information:
Alan Greyeyes
Aboriginal Music Program Coordinator
Tel: 204.975.0284
FAX: 204.942.6083

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