Manitobans Nominated for Aboriginal Music Awards

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Manitoba stands to bring home several Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards from Toronto on November 28. Kicking off the fifth annual Canadian Aboriginal Music Week, which runs November 28 through December 1, the awards honour the premiere musical artists of the Canadian Aboriginal communities.

Popular multi-genre group Burnt has been nominated for both Best Rock Album and Best Blues Album as well as an honour for Best Album Design (for Maggie Ross and Burnt frontman Dave Boulanger). Country singer Kimberley Dawn is up for Best Female Artist and Best Country Album while Mitch Daigneault is nominated for Best Male Artist, Best Country Album and Best Songwriter. Manitoba mainstay Ray St. Germain is ready to take home honours for Best Male Artist, Edward Gamblin for Best Producer and band Eagle and Hawk for Best Single. The White Fish Bay Singers are nominated for Best Traditional Album Historical. On November 26, Manitoba’s Minister of Culture, Heritage and Tourism Eric Robertson congratulated Manitoba’s nominees in a press conference. "We are proud of the contributions of our Aboriginal artists to the music community," said Robinson in a press release. "This awards ceremony serves to give new and upcoming artists as well as veterans of the industry the recognition they deserve."

The awards’ mission is to acknowledge and honour the keepers, teachers, promoters, creators and performers of Aboriginal music; to continue to develop and promote the diversity of all Aboriginal music and celebrate the excellence of Aboriginal music and to recognize the unique vision of Aboriginal musicians and encourage this rich cultural voice.

The Manitoba nominees are:
Kimberley Dawn, I'm Going Home - Best Female Artist
Mitch Daigneault, Keep on Believing - Best Male Artist
Ray St. Germain, My Many Moods - Best Male Artist
Burnt, Project 1 - The Avenue - Best Rock Album
Maggie Ross and Dave Boulanger, Project 1 - The Avenue - Best Album Design
Burnt, Project 1 - The Avenue - Best Blues Album
Mitch Daigneault, Keep on Believing - Best Country Album
Kimberly Dawn, I'm Going Home - Best Country Album
White Fish Bay Singers, Anishinaabe Meenigoziwin - Best Traditional Album Historical
Edward Gamblin, Bright Blue Moon - Best Producer
Eagle and Hawk, “Cowboys and Indians,” Mother Earth - Best Single
Mitch Daigneault, Keep on Believing - Best Songwriter

Honourees are nominated by members of the Aboriginal community across Canada. The winners are selected by the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards Advisory Panel which represents the Aboriginal music industry across Canada.

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