Round Dance Album PRAY FOR ME

By Darryl Buck

Posted on

We’re rolling with it, got the hard copies ahead of the official release but in the mean time, PRE-ORDER
Pre-purchased digitally on
*****JUNE 25TH******
To get early access to *Fool For You* a track done in collaboration. Get yours and behold a prestige performance done by Melody McArthur!!!
Exciting to bring new music and I mean new kind of music to your listening pleasure. I am very pleased to announce collaborations from Fresh I.E. also his production proficiency. We have Melody McArthur bringing us a must hear performance, HellnBack and Lisa Muswagon making their beautiful music together. Renowned public figures like Wilfred Buck Michael Champagne and more!

Release date for Apple Music, Spotify and Itunes also all digital stores will July 9th 2021

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