Canadian Aboriginal Hiphop Artist Stun, Launches New Website.

By Stun

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 Stun, is a Canadian aboriginal hip hop artist making his debut release, with the album titled, "The Influence". 

Over the years, he has shared the stage with artists such as: Leonard Sumner, Merkules, Illiano (of YSMG) and the formally known city sensation, "Winnipeg's Most". 

His performance brings the vibe of the moment to life. With cleverly written punchlines and adjacent wordplay, Stun involves his own aspect of lyricism into the music.

He is the inspirational role model for young aboriginal men and boys. Displaying his ethnicity and culture to the full potential, while practising the general outlook of an indigenous being. 

He's a Husband, A Father, A Powwow Dancer and say the least, A Hip hop Artist/Producer.

With nothing but genuine kindness, Stun is here to spread the knowledge,

From Nation to Nation..

Check out the website to see what the hiphop bravado brings to the table.

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