Memories from One Year Passed...

By Sierra Noble

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One year ago today myself, Ashley MacIsaac, Daniel Lapp, Samantha Robichaud, Andre Brunet, and April Verch were huddled together underneath the stage level listening to Loreena McKinnit playing above, composing ourselves before one by one, we would emerge onto a stage with an audience of 3.2 billion around the world. One year ago today was the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver...a day that Canadians had been anticipating for almost a decade prior, and a day that all of us “Hero Fiddlers” along with everyone else involved in the ceremony will NEVER forget! I can feel the energy of BC Place that day in my heart like it was yesterday.

I have a feeling that February 12th even 40 years from now will be a day when all of us involved will be reminiscing with a sparkle in our eye, and telling stories to whoever wants to listen...and I know that the bonds that we were created will never fade.
Here's to the anniversary of a day that Canadians were truly and undeniably united, injected with a level pride that was felt by the entire world!


Sierra xo

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