Regina Symphony show was AWESOME

By Sierra Noble

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Just got back to Winnipeg from Regina, and I just had to come on here and thank you all who were out at the show on Saturday for coming! We had an amazing time, SO much fun, with all of you and with the incredible Regina Symphony Orchestra.

We played 2 sets of a good mix of, old, fiddle, vocal...and about half of it backed up by the RSO. They're a world class group of musicians to work with especially when you throw the hilarious and talented conductor Victor Sawa into the mix.

I really hope to get another chance to work with the RSO again in the near future...and hopefully we'll pack the place again with a whole new crowd of you who weren't able to make it this time.

Big thank you to Brenda Sherring and Misty Sellinger from the RSO for all of the hard work they put in to make this concert happen. To Eduard Minevich, concert master, for being a total blast to play with for our duet "The Noble Duel"'re amazing...such an honour to play with you, and to get to know you a little bit. And to Victor Sawa and all of the RSO members for just being plain awesome.

Love always,

Sierra xo

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