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So I have to tell you ALL about OurStage.com!

Remember when I posted an interview and feature done on me with mtv.com called "Needle In The Haystack" ? ...well that was thanks to OurStage.com !

And when you all graciously voted me into the winning spot in the "Lilith Local Talent Search" contest for Calgary, giving me the great opportunity to play at Lilith Fair? ...THAT was OurStage.com too!

And now in 8 days my band and I get to head on over to the biggest outdoor venue in Winnipeg (because you again, through the same voting process, chose me) to open for Kid Rock and BON JOVI!! Again, thanks to OurStage.com! :)

OurStage.com is an incredible online community for artists around the world to promote their music and network with other artists from everywhere! Not only that, but the folks at OurStage just never seem to sleep...always keeping one eye on anything new that's being put up on the site, searching out new emerging talent and giving those artists all of the possible opportunities that they can to further their careers.

I'm really writing this little note to say a HUGE thank you to the wonderful folks over at OurStage.com for giving me so many of those incredible opportunities. You're not only such a great organization and modern day tool...but you are just FANTASTIC people :)
I love getting calls from you guys at ourstage...not only because it usually means good news is on its way...but you're just all so awesome :)

Of course, as always, I have to put a huge thank you out to you, the fans. Without you, us artists would have nothing. And I'm so happy that OurStage.com really utilizes that fact by giving you all, the fans, the opportunity every single day to discover new artists, and help us further our careers in a really hands on way.

So in short, OurStage...YOU ROCK!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you:)

I'm so happy to be a part of the ourstage community and I know I will be for many years to come!

Love always,

Sierra xo

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