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Just got back from Lilith Fair in Calgary.

What a day!

It was suuuuuper hot, looked like people were wasting away waiting in we were waiting to go on stage!

Before my show, I went over to the ETalk Canada tent and hung and chatted with them for a bit. You guys at ETalk (Tanya Kim and head-honcho Shiane) are always so much fun and so great. Can't thank you enough for your ongoing support!

Gates opened at 2:15 and I was up on stage at 2:20! Had the honour of playing the very first set of the first stop of the first Lilith Fair in 13 years!
Crowd was slow to get in out of the mile long line outside the gate but Arun (replacing Ariel on guitar - he was obliged to a wedding back in Winnipeg) and I got the crowd that was there going and dancing.

Two friends of mine came to my show as well. One was my friend Brock Jellison, who fyi is one of the most talented tap dancers our great country has to offer (he was the Hero Tapper in the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics), drove all the way from Lethbridge to see me at the famed Lilith Fair. Unfortunately...they didn't have the guest list passes ready in time and when they finally got them they still got stuck in line...missed my least they uh, got to hear Possibility from about 500 feet away?
Regardless, it was great to see them again though, regardless, got to watch some other great artists from all over Canada (and one Aussi) perform. Kate Morgan, Frazey Ford, Kate Miller-Heidke (who is AWESOME! Check her out!), Ash Koley, and Grace Potter.

A little while later, we all got taken away off to the press conference for the kick off of Lilith. All of the "Village Artists" shuffled in there and found our spots, followed by Sheryl Crowe...who was the coolest and greatest was very cool to get to talk to her a bit :) and then in came Sarah MacLachlan, who at that point in the day couldn't move her neck...and you could really tell how much pain she was in...they found a chiropractor for her later and she had full range of motion for her show that night ;)
And came the woman who has been of my idols since I was a kid. I grew up listening to her music because of my older sisters who fed me a healthy musical diet of Jamiroquai, India Arie, Drum & Bass DJ-ing by does with a side order of pure grace. I didn't have all that much time unfortunately to talk to her...but...I did get a hug :) :) :) There aren't many people who get me to that giddy star-struck state...but she did a bit hehe but I was like that around Bruce Cockburn too until I got to know he's a great friend. I have a feeling Erykah might be the same way.

What would be one of my biggest dreams come true? Play a show with Ms. Erykah Badu. Even just to play fiddle/violin in her band. Watching her show later on in the day...I felt like I hadn't been that musically AND personally inspired by someone in quite some time. Aaaand I also maaaay have had visions of myself doing a Funk/Drum & Bass side project? haha

Sugarland is one of the greatest live bands I've ever seen in my life.

And Sarah sounded beautiful as always.

I really hope this years Lilith does well so that they can do it again next year like they are hoping to....because I would absolutely LOVE to be on more of the tour! One show just wasn't enough! :)

Thanks for the great time everyone!

You rock calgary! :) hope to see you again soon!

Sierra xo

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