"Try Anything" Video Shoot! "New York, baby, here I come!"

By Sierra Noble

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It's time again!!! Wooo!

September 17-22 I will be shooting the video for my up coming single "Try Anything" in Montauk and New York City, New York with none other than director, Jeth Weinrich. Jeth was the man behind it all for my first video "Possibility" which was featured in heavy rotation on CMT Canada as well as on the MMTop10 on MuchMoreMusic.
Other than being one of the most talented people I've met in my life, Jeth has become one of my closest and most cherished friends...one of those people that, once they're there, you can't quite imagine your life without...so I'm SO excited that we get to create another video together :)

We will shoot in Jeth's hometown (though originally from Calgary) Montauk, NY and will document the journey of a girl from cornfields and country roads to the heart of The Big Apple....(I'm not going to give away too much...it'll be a surprise)

Before anything more, I want to send a very special thank you out to CMT Canada for funding yet another of my videos. All of you at CMT have been incredible. I hope that these two little music videos that we poured our hearts into are enough to repay you for everything that you've done for me this year. It's truly amazing the support you've shown for me and i will be forever grateful.

Now...we have an amazing team of people with us for this shoot, from top hair stylist Brennen DeMaro, top celebrity fashion stylist Inge Fonteyne. Sasha Mazzucco will be taking over for his dad, Raphael Mazzucco as photographer, capturing all of the stills and behind the scenes photos.
While in New York we will have the company of a great assistant film crew as well as makeup artists from the Ford Modeling agency to make sure I look there's no shiny noses....or mascara running down my face from tears of overwhelming joy when we finally drive into New York City...

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while you remember how excited I was for the "Possibility" video...
I am even more excited for this one. Jeth has an incredible vision for the video just as he did the last, but this time we have amazing resources to pull it off...on that note, a HUGE thank you to Diane Lang from Ford Modeling Canada for being amazing and a beautiful friend and supporter.

So in 12 short days, my mom and I will fly down to New York City, Jeth will pick us up (I can't wait to see him again!), we will spend an afternoon in Manhattan. Then we will head in the direction of Montauk, stop somewhere along the way at Inge's house to have dinner and play dress-up to find ideas for styling the video.
The following days will probably be some of the most fun-filled days of my life.

I have always dreamed of New York...the city had been calling my name for years....well I'm comin' baby! Ya better get ready....

Sierra ♥

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