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So this is officially the most exciting time I've ever experienced in my life!

For the past week Jeth (video director) has been sending me updated edits of the music video. We've been working together to create the perfect video for all of you to watch and I think we've done it!
It's been an amazing first music video experience for me and a unique one as well in the way that I have been involved in almost every single decision made about this video...and it's made me feel so much more connected, and proud of how beautiful it has turned out.
I didn't just say "yah sure I'd love to do a music video!" then fly down to LA, shoot it, have a blast and sit back and wait for the final edit of it...I was invited to and allowed to be involved in every little decision, constantly being asked by Jeth "what do you think of that Sierra?"
I've seen every edit that he's done on this video and watched it grow and blossom and mature into this piece of art that enhances the song to it's full emotional capacity.

Yesterday we sent it into CMT for approval and the response was remarkable. CMT is really excited about the video which makes ME even MORE excited!

And then I went downtown to Chris Burke-Gaffney's studio (which some of you may remember talking all about, he is the beautiful friend of mine who I co-wrote "Possibility" with along with Keith Macpherson) to show him the video, and well, as much as I'm sure wouldn't appreciate all that much me telling the world this, he had tears in his eyes.

I don't know what else to tell you to express how excited I am about this...I just CAN'T WAIT FOR ALL OF YOU TO SEE IT!

I want to publicly make Jeth blush a little bit by telling all of you about this incredible human being I got to know very well in the past 2-3 months.
Jeth Weinrich is simply put one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met. Him and I are a lot alike in many ways so we connected literally instantly and in a way that is unable to be described in words. He has become an incredible friend to both me and my mom.
You know when someone comes into your life and something shifts? And you know that you life will always be a little bit different because of that person? Well that person is Jeth Weinrich.
Other than his being amazing on a personal level, he is hands down one of the most talented individuals I've ever met. He is a true to the core artist, complete with the craziness (which I undoubtedly have as well) that goes along with being that.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, you are about to experience the debut of the outcome of the lives of Sierra Noble and Jeth Weinrich having being crashed will be a beautiful sight that I hope all of you enjoy. And I promise you that there will be years and years of this to come from me and Jeth together...I couldn't imagine a better collaboration.

Oh and speaking of great collaborations...Chris Burke-Gaffney (CBG) and I are getting together next week to write some more great songs :)

I will make sure to keep you posted (as long as YOU make sure to keep checking back here) on when exactly the video will be released on CMT and any other fun exciting happenings around that :)

I love you all, thank you for your years of support....we're doing it! we're gettin' there!

Talk to you really soon,


✌ + ♥

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