Train blog #2

By Sierra Noble

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Hey there,
Right now I am in my sisters basement suite in Toronto where I have been staying since Sunday evening when I arrived from the trains final destination in Montreal, where we put on our last event by the water. It was a little bit of a chilly day much like most of our stops except for Edmonton, and lots of people came out to greet us.

This "daily blog" plan of mine unfortunately failed I realize and I apologize for that…our days on the tour became more packed and busy than I think any of expected and the whirlwind pace of it all made it hard for me to at the end of the day relax my mind enough to really reflect and write to you.

Now it's almost a week after the tour and I am just now starting to feel like I can remove myself from the experience enough to tell you about it, so over the next few days here I will begin to tell you the tales from west to east of the train. The beautiful scenery, the trying events, the laughter amongst the people who became like another family to me, and the long 14 hour train rides.

I'm going to be posting these blogs on my website, my myspace page and my facebook group and I would love to get responses…stories…questions…let's get to know each other.

Thanks to all of you who take the time to come to my site and read all of these things, it really means a lot to me to know people enjoy what I write, because I certainly enjoy writing.

I hope you're all doing well, preparing for winter, and designing your Halloween costumes that have to fit over a parka…


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