Mary Mahler

Mary Mahler

Classic Rock Folk Light Rock R&B Singer/songwriter Soul


Mary Mahler
Winnipeg MB Canada


Mary Mahler


‘Family and music are synonymous…boundless, timeless, beautiful and everlasting…’
- Mary

When music is in your soul, passed down through the generations, it is essential to who you are, just as vital as your heart and your voice. Mary Mahler is a true testament to that. As a young child Mary was surrounded by music. Both parents were self taught musicians and one of her fondest memories is listening to her mother sing ‘Never Ending Love Song’ by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty.

Holding on to those memories of music and family from Dog Creek, Manitoba, helped Mary survive the tremendous impact of being placed in foster care at the age of seven and being uprooted from her homeland in the Sixties Scoop. The Sixties Scoop saw thousands of aboriginal children taken from their communities and placed for adoption with non-aboriginal families across North America.

At the age of 13 Mary was moved to an adoptive placement in Carbondale, Pennsylvania and there she started a chapter in her life story that would lead her back home. She reminisces about those years, growing up in ‘everybody’ else’s family except hers. Experiences that have made her who she is today, a course perhaps chosen for her, but none the less, one filled with triumph, perseverance and strength.

Throughout the years, living in the States and settling as an adult in New York State, Mary continued to build a life and music career that reached beyond all borders. In 2000 she returned to Canada and has been living in Winnipeg. She is a proud mother of 5 children and 2 grandchildren. Mary’s faith and belief in the importance of family resonates in her work over the last 20 years with children, youth and families. She is a versatile woman, with much ambition and drive to take her music to new heights.

Inspiration and hope are a driving force behind the lyrics and melody of her music. She hopes to encourage artists of all ages to embrace their dreams, believe in themselves and cherish their gifts.

Role models are a powerful force in Mary’s life and include Carole King, Fleetwood Mac, The Carpenters, Faith Hill, Aretha Franklin and Heart who have been a positive, energizing presence. She would also like to acknowledge those who have been a tremendous support to her here at home, music icon Ray St. Germain for his vocal training, her fellow alumni from the Aboriginal Music Camp, the Aboriginal Music Lab, 2003 NCI Jam and the Manito Ahbee Star Catcher Talent Search in 2007 where she was partnered with a professional recording studio and recorded her first single ‘Ida.’


Since then, Mary has recorded and released her second single ‘Walk Away’ which was co-written by Madi Harper and produced by Aaron Peters. The ballad is an eclectic mix of soft rock and acoustic guitar caressed by Mary’s strong vocals and heart filled lyrics. Mary’s vocals range from easy listening to hard classic rock and she is expressing this talent in the studio once again, recording her next single ‘Giving In to You.’ Mary has performed as lead singer for Treaty Day Woman. Mary Had a Little Band, leading to the destined creation of the Mary Mahler Band.

Mary continues to dream big and has many exciting aspirations for her life and her music career. Her passion is steadfast. her love of music and determination will continue to lift her music to the forefront of the music industry.




"Giving In To You"






"Walk Away"


Walk Away

Walk Away Mary Mahler

Released: April 21, 2012

Producer: TRANZISTA production services

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