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Biography of Martin Desjarlais

Born into a musical family, Martin Desjarlais is a proud Metis man from Manitoba. His first step into the world of music came at 12-years-old when he discovered he had a knack for the drums. From there he spent most of his teenage years playing lead snare drum in renowned cadet pipe bands and strummed his guitar every chance he could.

As he entered his twenties, Desjarlais began marching to the beat of his own drum discovering he also had a voice that needed to be heard. A fan of classic country music, he fell naturally into that genre and won first place at the long running 2009 Westbrook Inn “Star Search” talent competition. He’s gone on to enter a handful of talent shows around Manitoba including the 2012 NCI Jam. Recently Desjarlais was chosen to be showcased as part of Festival du Voyageur 2020 and also headlined as part of the Manitoba Metis Federation's The Beat Goes On live concert series.

Now in his thirties, Desjarlais is a proud father to his two sons, 5-year-old son Sampson and one-year-old Marrick. He’s also a husband, a truck driver for The City of Winnipeg and the drummer for Rocket 88 and a fill in drummer for other local Winnipeg bands. 

In his evolution as a man, Desjarlais is stepping into the world of writing his own music and hopes to release his first EP in 2020.


Martin Desjarlais
Winnipeg MB Canada
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